Shepton Mallet Prison Somerset

Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunts Somerset

(HMP Cornhill)

Shepton Mallet Prison Ghost Hunts Somerset with Dusk Till Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company


The prison has a thoroughly grim past, dating back to 1610.

Execution was carried out at this site from 1889, many of whom to be executed had murdered children. 4 men were hanged simultaneously for the murder of some people they lived near to, and were guilty of either the crime or being as accomplish,18 Military executions were carried out at Shepton Mallet.

There were many executions carried out at Shepton Mallet, in some cases, the trial only taking 1 or 2 days before the death sentence was carried out. In some instances (where with defendant was from overseas), the punishment from the law of the land they came from was carried out here. For example, rape did not carry the death sentence in the UK, but it did in America, so where the guilty party was American, they would have been hanged at Shepton Mallet because that is the law of their land.

Aside from the outright criminal, men, women and children would have been house together for crimes of debt, theft, being a misfit, being a vagrant, and anyone with mental health disorders. Their stay in the prison would have been a long and miserable one.
With very little sanitation, and poor sanitation at best, there were many diseases that affected though who found themselves in the unfortunate position of being houses at Shepton Mallet.

During the second World Ward, Cell 10 was used to house some of the nation’s treasures including a copy of the Magna Carta, the Doomsday Book and ships logs from Nelson’s flag ship and HMR Victory.

There was an escape attempting, 3 inmates in 1993 tried to escape by tunneling through the wall and using knotted sheets to escape, they were soon recapture. The walls of the prison were 75 feet tall, some of the highest walls in the whole prison state.   
The prison finally closed its doors in 2013.

Paranormal Activity

Given the abhorrent conditions people were subjected to here at Shepton Mallet, it is of no surprise that the place is devilishly haunted. Many innocent people were sentenced here and kept in conditions no man or beast ever should.
With men and women being houses together the reports of rape and pregnancy in prison was high. This not only from inmates but from other guards.

Screams can be heard and the loud sounds of moans and cries through the prison.
A heavy feeling greets anyone who is brave enough to step inside, with many becoming overwhelmed with sadness or depression for no reason. Anxiety can creep in, with some reporting a feeling of needing to get out, or a fear of being trapped forever!

Vile smells have been experienced in many areas, followed by loud sounds, banging or scratching sounds.

This location is not for the faint hearted!

Join us if you dare!

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