Smithills Hall Ghost Hunts Lancashire

Smithills Hall Ghost Hunts Lancashire


The Radcliffe family owned the manor from 1335 to 1485, when it was passed on to the Barton family until 1659. Trough marriage and acquisition the manor has passed through many families and has spent some time being neglected.

The Ainsworth family were the last family to privately own the manor, although the financial burden became too great and any areas of the manor fell in to disrepair. Following the first World War the family could no longer sustain the property and it was sold to the council, who stated an extensive reconstruction project and the property was given a grade 1 listing.  

Paranormal Activity

Figures have been seen during the day and night, with staff asking people to leave to are then seen walking through a wall, or disappearing before them. So be careful who you follow when walking around this manor!
Spirits have been seen inside the chapel, kneeling down to pray

Ghostly figures have been seen inside doorways and have even been seen when guests have looked in to the mirrors, standing behind them, when the person turns around, no-one can be seen
Items have been known to move on their own, including glasses and barrier ropes.

Children are heard laughing and there is even a resident spirit cat who can be heard meowing in the middle of the night.

Join us if you dare!

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