Tettenhall Towers Wolverhampton

Tettenhall Towers Wolverhampton


Tettenhall Towers was built as a Manor House by Thomas Peasron in the 18th Century, previously the site was an Inn called The Holly Bush Inn. It is a Grade II listed building and was built for the Foley Family. It is set in 26 acres of its own land, which includes a woodland.

In 1853, Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft purchase the property, and in 1866 he added the towers, giving the home its name.
Colonel Thomas Thorneycroft was a keen inventor and was obsessed with sanitation and ventilation. As you would expect the home has a complex ventilation system invented by the Colonel. He even worked extensively on the sewage system, pumping the air from the sewers in to heating pipes to heat the floors. The home at the time the Colonel loved there had at least 20 toilets, some invented by himself.

Paranormal Activity

The house has an eerie feel upon arrival and many people refuse to enter, due to their feelings of apprehension and foreboding as they walk closer to the property.

A man in period clothing has been seen on a number of occasions walking the corridors and stairwells of the home. Often choosing to stand and watch as the living now walk through the home.
Dark shadows have been seen, and tall shadow figures have been seen to grow in the darkened rooms.

A feeling of dread fills those on the stairs, with reports and feelings of being pushed over the banister.
Noises can be heard, and many have witnessed doors slamming shut by unseen hands and lights flickering.