The Annison Funeral Parlour Hull

The Annison Funeral Parlour Hull Ghost Hunts


The Annison family were known for their carts and horses prior to deciding to go into the funeral business.

Upon purchasing this amazing property, the family turned this into a funeral home. Where those in mourning could visit and have their photos taken with their deceased relatives. The deceased were prepared at the site for burial. Many of the rooms previously used for this purpose have been turned in to chemist shops now, but many areas used to house the dead, to have photographs taken and to discuss the funeral are all remaining and can be visited by those who wish to attend.

Paranormal Activity

The most common activity at this property is that of poltergeist activity. Many items have been known to move on their own and some have had stones thrown at them. Items have been known is change location completely and turn up in another part of the property entirely.

Current owners of the property will not walk around this part of the house on their own. Many have been touched or feel like someone has pushed them.

Crying and moaning have been heard in many areas, as has the sound of wheels in need of oiling, where no such items remain in the property.

The spirit of a man, described as a completely black figure, has been seen in doorways and has been captured on by those taking photographs of the property. He is said to be angry and will make his presence known to all those who dare to walk along through the rooms.

There are so many reports of activity at this location, everything from small sounds to full manifestations. This is not a location for the faint hearted.

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