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Edinburgh The Blair Street Vaults


Finished in 1788, the vaults were originally built for cobblers, workshops and taverns. Built between the two new bridges in Edinburgh, this was Scotland’s first designated shopping high street. The vaults however were built badly and were designed to protect against water, and so the vaults soon flooded. By 1795 businesses abandoned the area.

This spelled disaster for the region, which was now turned in to a slum. The vaults now become the homes for the poor and displaced of the region, moving down in to the vaults which were dark, cold and damp. Living conditions were truly abhorrent. Crime came swiftly to the vaults, and they quickly became a place for prostitution, drugs, theft and pubs with less then honorable clientele. This drove many to madness.

The exact time when the vaults were closed is not exactly known, but some time between 1835 and 1875 the vaults were filled in with tons of rubble.  

The vaults were rediscovered in the 1980’s, when a tunnel was found leading to the rubble. Excavation of the tunnels began in the 1990’s, amongst the rubble was the remains of what life was like down there for its inhabitants.

Paranormal Activity

With the history of the tunnels being what it, it comes as no surprise that the tunnels are haunted.

Many voices have been heard in the tunnels, coming from adults and children who cannot be seen.

Stones have been thrown as the unsuspecting and many shadow figures have been seen walking through the vaults.

People have been grabbed on the hands, arm and shoulder, along with having their clothes pulled and feelings of being pushed forward.

Report of being personally affected by the space are abound, and it seems natural when down here to have feelings of worthlessness, being lost, great sadness and confusion.

The activity in the vaults appears intelligent, and many of the spirits of the vaults are keen to make their voices heard and presence known.

Join us if you dare!

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