The Canterbury Tales Kent

Canterbury Tales building which is a well known visitor attraction, situated in the historical Cathedral City of Canterbury.

Step back in time to over 500 years with us as this incredible building opens its doors at nightfall to enable us to take you for a creepy night of ghost hunting to communicate with the ghostly energies that are thought to still remain.

Set inside the former St Margaret’s Church and alongside the original church yard and grave stones this stunning reconstruction of 14th century medieval England provides the perfect setting for a night of paranormal investigation.

St Margaret’s church was founded during the Anglo-Saxon period with records dating back to 1153 indicating that the church was appropriated by St Augustine’s Abbey. After a serious fire which caused severe damage - the church was then rebuilt once again during the late 12th Century.

The whole attraction, set over 3 levels with its ominous graveyard also, is yours to explore throughout the night during our investigations here. With eerie looking mannequins around every corner in the darkness, plus a room where by removing a wall panel reveals a huge shrine (which is a very old church feature) you really will need to keep a steady nerve and your wits about you!

Ghosts said to haunt this building - There are many stories and reports of ghostly phenomena inside the Canterbury Tales building itself along with poltergeist stone throwing which has been known to occur in the eerie Graveyard. Also the apparition of a dark Monk who is said to haunt around the attached Cemetry has been seen along with a Spirit Lady that likes to stand watching on the stairwell that leads to the upper levels - she has been known to take an instant dislike to any women visitors by pushing and poking them when least expected!

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

To register your interest in attending a Ghost Hunt at this location please contact us for further information.


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