The Haunted Antiques Museum Hinckley

The Haunted Antiques Museum Hinkley Leicestershire Ghost Hunts


This fascinating site located in central Leicestershire is one where we visit for what is inside the building and not the building itself!

Teamed with a large auction house and antiques specialist, the Antiques Museum carries many items that have been reported as being haunted. They have been removed from their former homes for the reported connection to spiritual activity surrounding the item.

This location houses everything from haunted dolls, WWII items, furniture, funeral masks and even a terrifying ventriloquist dummy! The items arrive at the museum from many different sources, many of their former owners are only too happy to hand them over to someone else, so their own lives can return to normal.

The team responsible for the running of the museum usually conduct various experiments with the items they received to verify their haunted nature!

Paranormal Activity

All depending in the items around the museum will depend on the activity you will have in store. However; this site houses some of the most haunted items in the Midlands, so activity is something you will experience at this unusual and exciting location.

Many of the items are said to move on their own.

Noises have been heard, from footsteps, music coming from items and growling from angry spirits. People have felt sick, dizzy and disorientated at the site when holding certain items. The feelings of the spirit people attached to the items can be felt when touching or holding them.

Equipment used on investigations is said to be affected by the items in the rooms. There are different rooms you can go in to and each house a very special type of item.

What will you discover at this eclectic museum?