The Old Edwardian School Nottingham

The Old Edwardian School Nottingham Ghost Hunts

Brief History
The Old Edwardian School can be found in Long Eaton Nottingham and is a grade 2 listed building.

This former school which was founded by Headmaster and art teacher Samuel Clegg and was opened on the 29th October 1910.

Children were given an education where drawing was thought to be an important part of the school curriculum, before being sent to work into the Nottingham lace industry.

In 1930 Samuel Clegg sadly passed away after being at the school just 2 days prior and was replaced by Mr F E Roberts, Mr Roberts was nicknamed Drac by the pupils due to his appearance and long black gown that he mostly wore.

School dinners were introduced into the school day in 1916, so all pupils could enjoy a hot meal at lunch time and in 1918 the school leaving age was raised to age 14 as opposed to age 12.

The school finally closed its doors for the very last time in 2006, some say leaving behind the many energies that are thought to still linger.

Paranormal Activity
There has been much ghostly activity reported inside this very atmospheric and daunting building. The figure of a young girl who appeared to be wearing a white gown was seen one early morning by a worker, who called out to her and tried to follow her along the corridor, only for her to vanish into the wall.

Whistles and moans and terrifying groans have also been heard in the many corridors, along with small objects such as old springs and small stones that have been thrown during our public ghost hunting events here.
Doors opening and banging all of their own accord have been heard and witnessed on many occasions along with the sounds of running feet in the Art room when no one has been present at the time and heard coming directly from above whilst all guests were on the floor below.

During vigils and seances the deep menacing laughter of a male have been heard and chairs have been moved with force without anyone touching them.
This building is a hot spot of paranormal activity, which we believe makes this location one of the most haunted buildings in Nottingham.

Join us if you dare!

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