The Old House Coalville

The Old House Coalville Leicestershire Ghost Hunting


This house dates all the way back to 1280, with many of the original wood and beams dating back to this time.

This house was built as a home, but has a sad and unfortunate history, there has been at least 1 reported suicide at the house, murders and some remains have been found unidentified in the grounds of the house. The suicide was that of a lady, who had become so lonely, isolated and depressed that she took herself up to the attic of the house and hanged herself from the beams.

An angry man, well known for his aggressive nature and controlling behaviour is said to have murdered his wife and 3 young children in a fit of rage.

The house was modernised and had many features added in 1618. This house was a tenant farm from 1670 to the 1960s, where the local council purchased the property and it was turned in to a museum in 1973.

Paranormal Activity

With the house being steeped in misery, it is of no surprise that this place is haunted. The current owners will not walk this house alone and being inside makes anyone having to spend any time in here feel very vulnerable and scared. Like there is someone in the house who hates you being there! This is believed to be the spirit of the farmer who killed his own family. It seems time has not diminished his hatred and anger, only made things worse. He likes to frighten anyone he thinks he can. He makes noises, walks up behind people, growls, pushes people and has been known to pull at people, making them fall over.

A great sadness, cold and overwhelming feels have all been reported in the upper floors and attic area.

Light anomalies have been seen throughout the house, and even a full manifestation of a lady downstairs has been seen.

Reports of mists, cold spots, feeling sick, having your hair and clothes pulled and foul odours are all reported at this very old house. Who will you encounter?

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