The Old Victorian Jail West Bromwich

The Old Victorian Jail Ghost Hunts West Bromwich

The Old Victorian Jail in West Bromwich one very haunted location, a venue not to be missed!

Venture in to the unknown with us as we investigate this old abandoned Victorian Jail at night fall. This deserted building has been witness to the many hardened criminals that have passed through its doors who were often tried and condemned here with the more unfortunate meeting their untimely death by the hangmans noose!

Left to decay over the passage of time this historic Grade II-listed building is vast in size and dates right back to the 1800s.

This is a gem of a location for all avid ghost hunters with its maze of rooms and corridors just waiting for you to investigate them - the building still houses its original,foreboding court rooms,safe rooms and ominous dark and daunting prison cells all of which can be found in the very unnerving basement of the building that leads direct from the court room.


Conditions inside the prison were amongst the worst ever reported. Overcrowding was a massive problem for the prison for the during of its life as a prison.

There are some of the most dangerous people in the area were tried and sentenced here. Capital punishment was active at this site until its abolition in the 1960s. So, there have been many hangings here at this prison.

The court rooms are dark and very foreboding. The justice system started its life aimed at punishing those accused, not trying to discover if you were guilty or not.

There are many cells which were areas for the inmates. But each room would have housed far too many prisoners. Fights amongst inmates and staff was rife. With many deaths happening in these cramped conditions.

The medical facilities and medical treatment of inmates was also extremely poor. Many would have got gangrene and other infections before they were treated or even seen a medical professional. It seems those locked away in this dark prison were gone and forgotten.

Paranormal Activity

It is of little surprise that given the abhorrent conditions at this prison, there are prisoners who have remained after their death.

Some have remained, still angry at their treatment. Angry they received no trial and were left to rot in this awful place, surrounded by dangerous and evil people.

Others have remained for the crimes they committed; they are concerned about ‘where’ they will end up. So, they chose to stay. But staying in a place like this for so many years has made then angry. Anyone brave enough to enter this prison will have feelings of depression, isolation, dread, fear and rage. People have been pushed and pulled and sharp feelings in their sides and back.

There is a feeling of never being alone here.

There is a spirit person who has shown himself as an absolutely black mass. He is as large as a doorway and has terrified all who have encountered him. He is angry and those who have seen him have described him as pure evil.

Are you brave enough to talk to the angry inmates of this Old Victorian Prison?

With so many reports of paranormal activity such as stones being thrown and people feeling like they are being touched in the darkness - why not join us for a night’s ghost hunting as we go in search of the lost souls that are said to still roam this old historic Jail.

Join us if you dare!

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