The Park Hotel Morecambe

The Park Hotel Morecambe


This gothic seaside abandoned hotel was built in 1865, but following a string of deaths of guests and staff, the hotel was closed.

There is a strange atmosphere when entering this building although completely abandoned, it feels like everyone just got up and left one day. Leaving the whole place in tact and all items in their original location. Beds still have bedding; the library still contains books and many other seats and items of furniture adorn this impressive and surreal location.
The arrival of trains brought the wealthy to Morecambe and the hotel was built for the wealthy as somewhere to stay. It was every bit at glamourous as the guests who frequented it.

Following the great depression, the Park Hotel soon grew in popularity again in the 1930’s. People once again wanted the luxury of a holiday by the sea.
Unfortunately, with the introduction of package holidays and the guarantee of sun for those prepared to travel a little further saw the decline in British seaside holidays and so the hotel was eventually closed.

Now, only those brave enough are able to enter the doors and step back in time.

Paranormal Activity

The observatory is said to have a green light that emanates from it, without any lighting within the space.
Shadow figures have been seen walking along the long corridors or standing at the bottom of the corridor awaiting your arrival.

The sounds of women screaming from the rooms have been heard and banging from within the rooms, where there is no one living inside.


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