The Skirrid Inn Monmouthshire

The Skirrid Inn Ghost Hunt Monmouthshire Wales


There has been reports of an Inn being on this site since the old pilgrim trails through Wales. But the current Inn is dated to the 17th Century.

During the Welsh Revolt against the rule of King Henry IV, Owain Glyndwr (a Welsh Rebel leader) is said to have stood outside, what is now the Skirrid Inn, and rallied his troops in to battle.

There are some reports that the upper floors of the Inn were used as a law court, and many punishments and sentencings apparently happened at this site. Some reports claim as many as 180 people received punishments at the site. Some even hanged directly here!

Aside from this, the Inn has a long and rich history for being exactly that, and Inn. It has seen many people come and go and has many lives and stories it has been part of and seen over the years. Many wounded soldiers visited the Inn, some succumbing to their injuries. The Inn has a long history and some of it is masked in blood and criminal activity.

Paranormal Activity

This Inn certainly has a story or 2 to tell, and the spirits inside the Inn are only too happy to come and speak to you. Although some might be a little more than you bargained for.

There have been reports of people being pushed, hearing growling and having the sensation of someone breathing nastily in their ear. This is believed to be the man known as the Judge. He was a ruthless and hatful man when alive and it seems he is the same in death.

Large shadow people have been seen around the bar and on the upper floors.

People have reported having someone sit on the end of the bed, or on the chairs next to them. Like they want to join in your conversations.

Equipment is used to great success at the Skirrid Inn.

Feeling of being watched, cold spots, footsteps and general ‘creepy’ feelings await you at The Skirrid Inn.


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