The True Crime Museum Hastings

The True Crime Museum Ghost Hunt Hastings


This fascinating and macabre museum houses the largest collection of crime memorabilia in the whole of the UK. Some of the items include; a genuine lethal injection bed used in capital punishments, the acid containers used to dissolve victims, love letters from serial killers, exhibits from New Scotland Yard and pictures and documents of some of the worst cases in UK history can be found within these tunnels.

The site is based in some tunnels beneath Hastings. With the darkness of the tunnels, this adds to the creepy feelings of many of the items housed here. This museum in the brainchild of one family who have always had a passion for crime stories and collecting items. The curator of the museum has a personal interest in all of the exhibits.

The exhibits are organised based on the category of crime, some relate to gang culture, like the infamous Kray twins, others for items used my murderers including their own personal affects.

Paranormal Activity

The tunnels themselves are not really what we are interested in when it comes to the True Crime Museum, it is the story of each item housed in this amazing place.

Many of the items here have been used by some of the west criminals in our history, and so they have a story to tell. People have reported getting feelings from the items or even being near the items. Feelings of terror, fear, sickness, but also, anger, hatred, excitement and adrenaline are found around any of the exhibits.

Voices and footsteps have been heard throughout the tunnels, people have been touches, pushed and had their clothes pulled. Cold stops have been registered and many of the spirits still trapped with their items are only too happy to speak to you.

Who will you connect with at the True Crime Museum?


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