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The original Hall was built in 1880, although was demolished and the same site rebuilt, and the Tivoli Theatre was established. This building dates back to 1920 and was built as a place people could visit to watch the new and popular silent movies.

The Theatre has been developed and extended over the years, but many of the original features have remained. The developments of the site have always aimed to be sympathetic to the Theatre and its history.

Following a fatal fire in the 1940’s, the building remains unaltered, and aspects caught in the fire can still be seen. This offers an eerie element to the areas of the Theatre affected.

Paranormal Activity

Paranormal happenings have been reported by visitors and staff alike at this very creepy, but interesting Theatre. Many staff members have reported voices, seeing people after the Theatre was closed and watching shadow people move around the building.

Light anomalies have been seen in many areas and some people have been known to follow the lights around the Theater, only to find themselves in the areas ravaged by the fire.

Screams and talking has all been heard. Some have reported the feeling of being watched as they walk through the Theatre, and staff have said ‘you are never truly alone at Tivoli Theatre’.

The Tivoli Theatre is located in the small town of Buckley in North East Wales.

With a history as a music hall, theatre and cinema since the 1920's the Tivoli has undergone a number of transformations since its very early beginnings.

Visited by the Most Haunted Team for filming in November 2014 - this Grade 2 listed building is a rare surviving example of an inter-war cinema or miner's institute of distinctive design and was actually built on the site of a former Central Hall.

The Tivoli Theatre was very well known for running its annual pantomimes with a version of Dick Whittington which commenced in 1933 and actually ran for 27 years after. Many celebrity acts have also graced the theatres stage over the years including the legendary Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin back in the early 1970s.

After a tragic fire that began in the projection room of the building in 1946 - the Tivoli is now reputed to be extremely haunted by an array of ghostly entities.

Paranormal occurrences are said to have been seen and felt by the many visitors to this location and some members of staff that work at the building have admitted they are now too scared to be in the building alone.

Since the fire there have been various reported sightings of an apparition seen on the stairs here. Strange shadows and unexplainable movements have also even captured on the CCTV cameras around the building.

Doors have been heard banging throughout the location, stones and other objects have been thrown at different investigation groups and taps in the bathroom have mysteriously been reported to have turned on when no one was present at the time.

A strong smell of fire and smoke around the theatre and the projection room area has often been reported along with whistles and heavy dragging sounds in various parts of the building.

Why not come and join us to see what happens as night falls in the darkest recesses of the old Tivoli as we investigate who still roams this very eerie building!

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

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