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Tutbury Castle Ghost Hunts & Suppers Staffordshire

Tutbury Castle in Staffordshire is very well known for its many ghostly residents.
With its amazing historical past and links to Mary Queen of Scots this spectacular Castle, which is still owned by the crown is the perfect location for any paranormal enthusiast or first time ghost hunter.
Dusk Till Dawn Events can provide you with some unique ghost hunting experiences at Tutbury Castle with its haunted rooms that await you such as the Kings Bedroom and the Castle Dungeon. It is here that  paranormal activity has been reported on many occasions.

Why not join us for an unforgettable night on our Ghost Hunt Suppers where you can enjoy a delicious meal before embarking on a spooky mini ghost hunt in the most haunted areas of the Castle.

Alternatively we also provide scary overnight ghost hunts at Tutbury Castle where you can have full use of ghost hunting equipment to explore and investigate before we split you into smaller groups to begin our vigils using various psychic experiments. Join us as we try to communicate with the spirits and ghosts that are said to still reside here.


The original castle dates back to the 1080’s and it has seen its far share of battle over the years. In 1264 the castle was all but destroyed in a civil rebellion.

Handed to Edmund Crouchbank, he had the castle rebuilt in the 1300’s, although this was changed to a residence and not for military usage. Passed onto many wealthy families over the years, the most notable was Constance who adorned the castle with many pieces of art and lavishly decorated the castle for her parties and musical events.

With the English Civil War, the castle was taken and was re-fortified. In 1643 Parliamentary forces attempted to take the castle from the Royalists. After the war the castle had become so badly damaged that the Parliamentary forces, who now had control of the castle, began to demolish it.

The folly currently still standing was built on the site in 1780.

Paranormal Activity

A misty specter has been seen at Tutbury castle, described a slight in stature and graceful, it is believed this a woman who formerly lived at the castle. She is calm and walks through the grounds of the castle. She has been seen by many visitors over the years.

Small children have been seen running and laughing in the grounds of the castle, with many believing they are living visitors, only to find the children run mischievously through an area inaccessible to the living. The children are known to pull on clothes, call names and tap on people to frighten them.

A man in full armor has been seen also at the castle.

Sounds are heard here, from banging the sounds of horses, footsteps and disembodied voices. Some have even reported the sounds old music playing. It seems the parties of old are still happening at Tutbury Castle.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.
To register your interest in attending a Ghost Hunt at this location please contact us for further information.

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