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Warwick Castle Ghost Hunts


This stunning castle dates back to 940 AD, although in the beginning this did not look like the impressive castle we see today. The castle started life as a small mound, which was built from earth and wood.

In 1240 the wood was replaced with stone. Over the years the castle was build on and added to, making the castle start to take the shape and see today. The dungeons date back to 1350.

With such a long history, there are unsurprisingly many deaths that have happened during the time. Notably; The Duke of Clarence - 1478 imprisoned and killed, Edward the Earl of Warwick – 1499 executed from treason, Sir Faulke Grenville – 1628 is killed by his servant, and in 1871 a fire ravages the castle and proves fatal.

The castle was sold the Tussaud’s group in 1978, and this started a massive restoration project that continues to this day. The castle remains open to the public, with many events and exhibitions conducted at the castle throughout the year.

Paranormal Activity

One of the most famous spirits known at the castle is that is that of Sir Faulke Grenville who reportedly haunted the tower. Many people have seen him, heard him and communicated with him. It seems he is still displeased about his early demise. Many staff and visitors have seen him.

Many people have had paranormal experiences at the castle, with a lot of activity being reported in the dungeon and tower. Spirits have been seen, people have felt sick, disorientated, cold, scared and emotional, when they were previously fine.

People have been pushed through doorways, like someone is pushing past.

Footsteps, calls from disembodied voices, chilling singing and laughing have all been heard throughout the castle.

Mists, lights and the manifestations of female spirits have been seen in many different areas of the castle. With staff and visitors alike all reporting seeing something during their time at this beautiful castle.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

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Warwick Castle in Warwickshire is a majestic looking medieval castle which was built by William the Conqueror in 1068.

With a warren of haunted area such as the Dungeon Room, Witches’ Room, Old Gaol and the very haunted Guys Tower this is one location not to miss.

Ghostly moans have been heard by many visitors here and full bodied apparitions seen on various occasions; not to mention shadows and silhouettes seen moving around through the windows in the dimly lit rooms of the Castle; this really is one location that has much to offer any paranormal enthusiast.

A ghost hunt at Warwick Castle is certainly not for the faint hearted dare you join us for a night to remember!

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