Warwick Crown Court Warwickshire

Warwick Crown Court Ghost Hunts


This beautiful Georgian building was once St Peter’s Chapel, a tavern and then following the great fire of 1694, was turned in to a courthouse. The courthouse dates back to the 1720’s and was built using local stone from the quarry.

The courthouse proved too small for some cases, and so the building next door was acquired and turned in to a petty crime court. With the needs of the area growing, the courthouse became no longer fit for purpose, and so the Crown Court was moved to a new building in Leamington Spa.

This building has both fond and terrifying memories of those who have gone before, all depending on which side of the stock you were sitting! The judge’s retiring room faces the cell blocks, and it has been reported than many accused have been discussing their case with friends in the cells and been overheard by the judge, assisting in the judge’s decision!

The death penalty was sentenced from this court house and those guilty would have been led out the side of the building and their sentence carried out without the option for appeal.

Paranormal Activity

Many have reported seeing people sat in the court room, in the witness seats. Looking out and forever watching their loved ones sentenced. Cries have been heard by women and children in this area.

The cells and dungeon areas provide the most activity. Feeling of oppression, loathing and nausea have been felt in all areas. The area seems to hold the past so completely, it feels like you are walking back in time as you walk through this area.

Dark shadow figures have been seen, both standing the cells but also walking through. Many have seen things from their peripheral vision, and lights have been seen in these areas too.

Many have reported cold spots, foul smells and even whisperings. It is not unknown for people to hear voices or their own name being called, only to find they are on their own.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

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