Weir Mill Stockport Manchester

Weir Mill Stockport Manchester Ghost Hunting


The mill was built by John Collier in 1790, and was water powered. The mill consisted of two multi-storey spinning mills, and sperate weaving sheds.

Due to the nature of manufacture, fires were a regular occurrence in these mills and could completely devastate the whole building and its workforce trapped inside. This was the fate of the Weir Mill, a fire broke out and burned down one of the weaving sheds in 1831.

The mill was brought by Thomas Fernley in 1824 not long before the fire that took out one of his weaving sheds. He rebuilt the other shed in the same year (1831), this time ensuring it was fireproof.

The site had been added to and amended over the years, with the increase demand for cotton, the factory grew. This time with all fireproof materials.

Paranormal Activity

With the reports of the fire, having killed some of the workforce, including 8 children. It is of no surprise many things have been seen and witnessed at Weir Mill. On top of the awful conditions and hard labour within the Mill itself, the site was reportedly used for Satanic activities following its closure and abandonment.

This has led to many seeing a tall dark shadow figure who terrifies all those who see it. It follows a foul smell and has been described as completely black. It is a menacing figure and follows people around.

Loud sounds have been heard throughout the mill, from banging and crashing sounds, to a low humming sound and even growls and disembodied voices.

People have been touched, pushed and pulled in all areas of the mill, and some have even reported feeling the nimble fingers of some little pick pocketers!

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