Whittington Castle Shropshire

Whittington Castle Shropshire Ghost Hunts


The castle was built in 1138, and over the long history it has been added to and adapted to suit the needs of the present owners.

Being on the border between England and Wales, this castle has seen its fair share of battles and the ownership has changed between the English and the Welsh throughout its whole history. It has connections to English royalty, loyalists and even Madog ap Maredudd.

From 1282, the castle become the home of the English gentry. However, the fate, the castle has always been one of troubles. It seems it was very rarely occupied and in 1545 a survey was conducted which detailed the extensive decay on the castle.

It then fell through many hands and was added to and restored at various points, but not to any great degree. For some reason, no one wanted to own the castle for very long. The final notable owner was William Albany, after falling into a great deal of debt, he let out much of the castle, and the occupants were allowed to take store from the castle.

So, over the years the castle dwindled, and the stone used for other building projects. The castle is now owned by a private community project.

Paranormal Activity

An infamous legend connected to the castle is that of a chest that housed some historic relics of great value. However, it is believed to be cursed, and those who open it will die. Because of this the chest has remained at the castle until recently, when it was taken out for restoration, although no-one will open it.

The spirits of children have been seen in the windows of the castle, seeming to smile down on those looking at this beautiful castle keep. There have been some pictures taken of them.

Light anomalies have been seen throughout the castle, bright balls of light and wispy mists have been seen in many areas and captured on camera. The lights seem to drift through the walls, like someone is walking through where the doors and floors used to be.

Sounds have been heard, from knocking in response to questions, to disembodied voices. It seems no living person wanted to stay at the castle very long, but the spirits have remained.

Dusk Till Dawn Events will be returning to this venue soon.

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