Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunts Cambridgeshire

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunts Cambridgeshire

Wisbech Castle Ghost Hunts with Dusk Tll Dawn Events The Ghost Hunting Company

Wisbech castle located in Cambridgeshire, this historical and atmospheric old castle dates from 1087, many other buildings were once sited here also, including a Norman castle.

During the reign of Elizabeth, James the 1st and Charles the 1st, many Catholics were held imprisoned underground in a prison found deep beneath the castle’s grounds, they were cruelly treated along with many being executed also.

In 1236 following perilous floods the Town of Wisbech and its castle were sadly destroyed, this left the castle in ruins for many years before being purchased and being rebuilt by the Right Honourable John Thurloe, who was Cromwell’s Secretary of State, following this in the 1700’s the castle was sold and was purchased by a successful businessman by the name of Joseph Medworth.

Being such an historical place, many spirits are thought to still haunt and roam this location, activity is varied from reports such as full ghostly apparitions, cold spots, stone throwing and knockings and taps in reply to questions asked!

Your ghost hunt will take place in the ground floor areas of Wisbech castle, along with the terrifying vaults, situated beneath the grounds, here dark underground passages can be found, once a grim and dismal prison, dating back to medieval times and here a medieval well can be viewed and found. The vaults entrance faces to the east and were built by the new owner Joseph Medworth.

Inside the castle, the smell of lavender has been reported along with the spirit of a child seen, who likes to move and play with objects, a male energy is said to dominate the vaults, many spirit lights have been reported, along with deep menacing growls heard and ghostly voices have been captured on EVP on occasion.

This promises to be a scary night of ghost hunting as we attempt to communicate with the hauntings within the walls Wisbech castle.

Join us if you dare!

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Wisbech Castle Cambridgeshire Ghost Hunt - Ghost Hunts

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