Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire Ghost Hunts

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunts

Woodchester Mansion in Gloucestershire is an old Gothic style Mansion surrounded by an eerie dark woodland.

Situated at the bottom of a mile long dirt track; where no one can hear your scream and with nowhere to run Woodchester Mansion is a ghost hunter’s dream location with its long dark corridors, chapel and cellar which are just perfect for an investigation.


This stunning Grade I listed building was built in the style of popular French architect Eugene Viollet-le-Duc. The building is unlike any other Victorian mansions, in its build, look or structure.

One of the most striking things about this mansion is that it is unfinished. It, therefore, gives the visitor a view of how construction was conducted in the Victorian era.

The home was privately owned by the Leigh family for 100 years, but financial ruin, loans that could not be paid back, and crisis too over the family and the mansion was never finished.
The chapel is the most complete of all areas of the mansion and was build by new found Catholic William Leigh.

The final owner, Blanche Leigh, wished to sell the home to the Catholic Church for their use, but the sale fell through and so it was finally sold to Barnwood House Hospital, who wished to use the mansion for their patients and saw the ground as perfect for their patients. Barnwood House Hospital put in plans for additional housing for their patients, but the plans were rejected. Barnwood then sold the property again, and it was used for troops and the grounds used for shooting practice.
By 1988 the property had been used very little and was starting to fall in to disrepair. Stroud District Council brought the mansion and the following year Woodchester Mansion Trust was set up and the estate is now privately owned by this group.   

Paranormal Activity

This mansion has an ominous past, with men downing tools when building the property due to figures seen and noises heard.
One of the workers was said to have died under mysterious circumstances.

When the mansion was used for troops, there was an accident locally during training and their bodies were buried in the grounds. The men were American and Canadian soldiers, many believe they are seen and unhappy at not being returned home to their families.
Mists have been seen and shadows follow you around.

Stones have been thrown and many screams can be heard as you wonder through the dark corridors.

Activity here has been immense on previous ghost hunts with clear ghostly voices heard along with apparitions seen and loud bangs and knocks heard without explanation.

Join Dusk Till Dawn Events on an all night Ghost Hunt to investigate the ghostly residents within this very haunted building.

Should you be interested in a ghost hunt at Woodchester Mansion that has sold out please call us on 0115 9722 534 We may have a last minute cancellation and may be able to accommodate you.


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