Wookey Hole and Victorian Paper Mill Somerset Ghost Hunts

Wookey Hole Ghost Hunts Somerset

Wookey Hole Ghost Hunts Somerset with Dusk Till Dawn Events


This stunning cave system is over 50,000 years old and has been part of both animal and human life for all this time.

The remains of hyena, bear, mammoth and even lions have been found inside the caves. It is believed it was once a hyena den, and any of the other bones are the remains of their meals.

Human later occupied in the cave, it would have been dry and safe for early humans. Providing shelter, it would have been warm in the winder and cool in the summer.

In later year the Celts living in the caves and, with lights made from animal fat they could explore deeper in to the caves, using chamber 4 as a burial chamber. This cave system has been explored by many of the years and always turns up some new discoveries.

It is currently home to many animals, including bats, eels, shrimp and cave spiders.

Paranormal Activity

The most famous spirit connected to the caves is that of the Hermit Witch. She is believed to still reside over the caves and protects them from anyone who enters who has less than honourable intent. Her remains have been found inside the cave, alongside her were the remains of a goat, an alabaster ball, some household items and a dagger. She has been seen in many areas and seems to dislike those who are angry or troubled.

Voices eco through the caves and have been reported when no one else was around. It is an eerie place and trying to locate the sounds is very difficult. But many seem to happen is response to questioning. Some of the sounds are said to be non-human.

Figures have been seen throughout the caves, some looking as real as the living, but cannot be accounted for and others are like mists or steam in certain areas.


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