WW2 Secret Tunnels of New Brighton Wallasey Ghost Hunts

The Secret WW2 Tunnels of New Brighton Ghost Hunt


Believed to date back over 200 years, these subterranean tunnels date back to the time of smugglers and pirates.

During the second World War, these tunnels were used as a munition’s factory. Some of the areas were also used as air raid shelters, providing safety for those going through the war times.

In more recent history, the tunnels have even been used as a night club.

Paranormal Activity

With such a rich history, and some dark history it is no surprise that these tunnels are occupied by the dead and the living!

One of the most famous sightings, is that of a lady who walks through the tunnel, going about her day like no time has passed at all.

Disembodied voices can be heard from deep within the tunnel.

Join the Dusk Till Dawn Events team as we discover what lies beneath.....

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