Haunted Asylum Ghost Hunts

Haunted Asylum Ghost Hunts

Following the passing of the 1808 Country Asylums Act, the first asylums in the UK were established, with the very the first one opening in Nottingham in the year 1811

These public asylums were built to look after people with mental illness, however these places were often cruel and miserable for the patients.

Sadly, in England there was possibly thousands of people who suffered from mental illness and disability, who were locked away in various institutions across the country.

Unbelievably from around the 18th to the 20th century, many women were put into these institutions, mostly by their own husband who wanted to silence them, particularly if they became in their eyes “uncontrollable” or “dared” to have an opinion, this was a very male orientated time when woman were not allowed to voice their thoughts. Not only were they put into these dreadful places due to the husband’s authority of her so-called unruly behaviour, before the Married Women’s Property Act was passed, the wife’s assets were automatically given to the husband once she had become incarcerated.

Due to fear of being placed in these terrible cruel places by their own family, many ill people had to try and hide their symptoms to avoid being locked away forever, unfortunately, once incarcerated, there was little chance of ever being released again.

Sadly, Children were often committed by their own families, particularly if the child had a disability or had behavioural issues, it was easier to condemn them to a lifetime locked away rather than raise them in a loving home environment.

Overcrowding was a serious issue as most asylums took double the number of patients that they could possibly care for, as a result, many suffered long term health problems some even starved to death along with the lack of hygiene, diseases spread like wildfire and ill treatment and neglect was rife, it really seems that patients were treated more like prisoners instead of receiving the care that they so greatly required.

Shockingly, there were many strange and barbaric practices carried out such as electric shock therapy, and lobotomy’s, these awful treatments were common from the 1930’s through to the 1950’s, thankfully these days attitudes and care have improved greatly.

Due to poor unfortunate souls being kept locked up for life in these harsh places, many former asylums are thought to be extremely haunted by ghosts, spirits and phantoms. There are a vast number of asylums and hospitals left abandoned across the UK, some still containing the original features giving an insight into former life of when these hideous places were functioning facilities.

Old asylums and hospitals seem to be the number one location such as the terrifying Newsham Park Hospital in Liverpool that many people, including experienced paranormal investigators and researchers, want to spend the night at investigating. These creepy and historical buildings really are the ultimate scare, with many hoping to witness and capture some paranormal activity of some kind.

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