So you want to be a Ghost Hunter!

So you want to be a ghost hunter! Ghost hunting tips for beginners.

The first and probably the most important thing is that you must seek the permission of the owners of the premises or grounds that you are wishing to carry out a paranormal investigation at, entering a property without permission could lead to prosecution, also bear in mind your safety at all times, investigating old buildings can be a danger especially if the property is in a derelict state. Some venues may also require Public Liability Insurance for you to attend so its always best to check if this is required beforehand.

If ghost hunting at night, make sure there are at least 2 people for safety, a fully charged mobile phone is essential and it’s also a good idea to let a friend or family member know where you are going, just in case an accident occurs and they know where you are if help is needed.

Warm waterproof clothing along with a good pair of sturdy shoes or boots, some locations are dirty and dusty, ghost hunting at night the temperature does drop dramatically so be prepared.

Lastly do not forget to take water to drink and some snacks to keep your energy up during the night, never drink alcohol whilst investigating, health and safety always is sensible.


Ghost hunting and paranormal equipment basics

These days there are some fantastic pieces of ghost hunting equipment available for ghost hunters to set up, a basic kit is good enough to start with, such as a good quality digital voice recorder, perfect for capturing EVP (electronic voice recordings), however having said that most modern mobile phones have great recording apps built in which are perfect for this use also.

A good bright torch, with back up batteries is a must, the most important safety device for any ghost hunter, strangely, spirit energies are thought to be able to drain batteries, so it’s always essential to have a good supply of extra batteries to hand just in case.

Dowsing Rods, still supposedly used today by the waterboard, wonderful pieces of old-fashioned kit, and for asking yes and no questions whilst trying to converse with the spirit world.

Pendulum crystal, for a more spiritual approach, many people like to use the pendulum for yes and no answers, also well-known from tales of when used a ring was secured onto a piece of string and held over a pregnant womans body to determine the sex of a baby, the pendulum is used in the same way to gain answers from it movements.

Basic EMF device such as the K2 metre, great piece of kit for asking yes and no questions asking spirit energies to light up the lights on the metre as a sign of their presence.

Trigger objects, such as a glow in the dark ball, that you can ask to be moved down a scary old corridor or a bag of marbles, these thing don’t have to cost an awful lot of money, sometimes the simples things are the most effective.

Paper and a pen, useful to take base readings when you first enter a room prior to the investigation and great to write down any evidence that maybe captured, often small subtle things that happen can be forgotten but often when read back you realise how much actually occurred during your investigation.

Finally, a camera to capture any ghostly evidence, if you do not want to spend a fortune, mobile phones are adequate for this purpose.


More advanced equipment as you progress

SLS Camera, is a scanning camera thought to detect the forms of spirits 

Spirit boxes such as the P-SB11 Dual Sweep Frequency ITC Research Device, these scan radio bands sometimes transmitting ghostly voices, many ghost hunters are using this kind of equipment currently along with the popular tv paranormal shows

Ouija Boards, often a source of controversy, used safely boards are a great piece of ghost hunting kit

The Ovilus is a popular handheld device, containing a dictionary of words that uses the environmental effects, temperature, EMF to translate communication from the spirit world.

Ghost Apps such as Paratek and Spiritus seem to be very popular currently, audio and visual ITC that is said to communicate with intelligent spirits, the Paratek works on a similar vein giving words randomly that show on the screen, once again great for asking questions during an investigation.

Thermal imaging cameras, basically a non-contact hot or cold spot heating detector, some believe that energies can produce temperature fluctuations, so this is a great tool for ghost hunting fans.

Full Spectrum Night Vision Camera, which picks up UV light so the user can see in the dark and record any paranormal activity thats been detected.


What are ghosts and spirits?

Many people passionately believe that ghosts and spirits are two quite different things.

Some mediums believe that ghosts are simply a recording of time or an event that happened in the past, a great theory and description of this, is that say for instance the ghost of a woman is seen in a haunted property walking towards a window before disappearing into the wall, some believe that this is her energy that has been captured in that time frame, repeating the same scenario, simply looking out of the window for her husband to return from work as she did daily whilst still living on the earth plane.

It is also believed that ghost energies are not aware of us and cannot communicate with the living.

Spirits on the other hand are said to be an intelligent communicator and are thought to be able to see us, hear our voices when we’re calling out to them, they can interact with us, sometimes by touching us, speaking to us, along with moving items, some have even been known to move heavy furniture at times, others create noises by banging and tapping, some are able to create lights of different colours, produce smells and create temperature changes also.

Ghost hunting can be addictive, its thrilling and exciting especially when evidence is captured or if you are lucky enough to see a full-blown apparition, something you will never forget!

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