I was at the codner abandoned farmhouse, Steve and Jess were amazing hosts. Loved the table tipping. Didn't like it when something threw my earring. Felt scared in the attic but loved the experience. Will be booking another.

Annette – Codnor Farmhouse

Thank you so much for last nights ghost hunt at the Ancient Ram Inn, had an amazing time.
Laura - Ancient Ram Inn

I would just like to say thank you for a great night ghost hunting at Margam Castle last night. As an avid ghost hunter for the past ten years we had an amazing first time using Dusk Till Dawn. I would highly recommend using these guys. The three hosts we had ran an extremely well organised ghost hunting event, showing us all of the paranormal gadgets on hand to use for the event.
What a place. Thanks again
Kelly and Angie - Margam Castle

Just got back from what I would call an amazing weekend with the team at the pendle witch ghost hunting weekend.
I have always been a believer but never experienced anything to confirm this for me.
First night there I got the proof I needed, big time.
This is something everyone should have a go at, the team are professional in every way, the weekend was structured and full on with plenty to do, we were taught much of the history of the witches and indeed the surrounding places, lots and lots of spirit interactions but all in a safe and controlled way.
Words cannot do this organisation justice, they are fantastic


Rich - Pendle Hill Witch Weekend

Thank you all so much for a fantastic weekend at Pendle Hill, had a fab time as did the rest of the group.
Hope it's not too long before I'm on another investigation
Sandra - Pendle Hill Witch Weekend


Had the best night last night here
Out of the 6 or so ghost hunts this was the best by far.
All the noises, banging, heels walking in water, screaming etc was a night to remember
Thanks guys and will see you all soon
Nikki - Beaumanor Hall Ghost Hunt


What an amazing night at Strelley Hall with the wonderful Anne and Rob.
Such an active night from humming, scratching, knocks, shadows and oh my word the cellars were amazing but scary, especially when you are stood on the end.
Thanks for an amazing night guys, can't wait to see you again
Dawn - Strelley Hall Ghost Hunt


Hi, just had to write a few lines to say what a great company this is, have been on several ghost hunts now with Dusk Till Dawn Events and had a great experience every time, fantastic locations and excellent hosts. Customer service has been great, Jessica has been very helpful and understanding in a difficult situation. Many thanks

Michael - Leeds


Was fantastic, the table tipping was awesome and I still cannot get over how it just stopped and started when we asked it to as it was tipping and then just stopped about 12 inches from the floor. Loved the pendulums too they were great! A really well organised event and dare I say it as I spent most of the night with my heart in my mouth but I'd love to join you for another one. Thanks again.

Kay - Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt


We just wanted to thankyou for organising an amazing ghost hunting evening. The venue was fascinating and Olly gave us a really good tour, everyone thoroughly enjoyed it. Please can you also pass our thanks onto Ann, Tracy and Tracy who were amazing and we will definitely be looking into another night.
Sarah - St Briavels Castle Ghost Hunt


Had an amazing time last night at Drakelow Tunnels, thanks everyone, we saw lights, heard strange noises and witnessed keys swinging, we have a couple of pictures, thanks again, until next time
Clare – Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt


Hi I've been with your company before on a ghost hunt to drakelow, at which we had a fabulous time. I tried another company last weekend, as needed a specific date somewhere local this being the only reason we didn't use you. We left very disappointed the company were very unorganised. I have recommended your company to all my friends,definitely a thumbs up to dusk till dawn.
E Oconnell – Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt


What a great time we had, well arranged and very professional. Thank you to you all.
Jill – Bolling Hall Ghost Hunt


Just finished a brilliant night at Guy's Cliffe House. Sceptical to start with but not anymore, especially when I was touched and pulled backwards.
Kevin  - Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt


Had the best time at Morecambe Winter Gardens last night, even though I had to sleep with the light on when I got in. It was most definitely worth it, this was the second hunt with Dusk Till Dawn this year and most definitely won’t be the last.
Emma –Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre Ghost Hunt


Just wanted to say thanks so much for Saturday night at the coalhouse fort, what an amazing night and location I can honestly say I was more scared than I have ever been before. Keep up the hard work we will be booking with you again very, very soon.

Abby x - Coalhouse Fort Essex

Hey guys,
I hope you are well.
I am sorry for the delay, but I wanted to email you regarding my feedback on the Galleries of Justice event .
I found the whole night just amazing. I know people expect amazing things, sightings and something spectacular, but I feel we experienced loads of paranormal occurrences.
On the night I cannot explain the feelings I had, I knew things I could have not known and felt and saw things I cannot explain, so thank you all so much.
With regards to the evening. I feel it was very well run, I feel the team were very welcoming and knowledgeable.
I enjoyed being able to get involved in the vigil, and having the time to do my own vigils.
Excellent evening, a brilliant team to have the pleasure to investigate with, truly inspirational.
I am so impressed with the evening, and everything you have shown me I have been emailing research societies to ask if I can join them so I can undertake paranormal investigating on a more permanent basis.
Hope to see you all soon, have been looking at your events in September.
See you then.
Thank you again
Kelly - Galleries Of Justice

My Daughter Kelly and I attended the Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt that you held recently.
We enjoyed the night very much, we were amazed when the spirit man that walked down the corridor towards us all.
I have to admit and am not ashamed to say that my knees where knocking together with fright.
The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish and we would love to take part in another ghost hunt with Dusk Till Dawn Events soon.
See you for another knee knocking night again soon.

Susan and Kelly - Woodchester Mansion

Just a quick note to say that I had a really fab time on Saturday night and I think all the girls enjoyed it. I have booked 2 tickets for my mum and myself to do Woodchester Mansion so hopefully it will be as good as it was on Saturday.
I have a load of pictures for you to see which I will send to you on a disc as there are too many to put on an email.  I have never seen so many orbs in one place in my life (especially outside).
Just to say that I thought Tracey was a trooper to carry on after her experience in the Cellar.

Take Care

Sarah - Woodchester Mansion

Hi there, my husband and I really enjoyed Coalhouse Fort. We have some interesting photos including one of a little boy on some stairs.
We are really keen to continue attending these events, and would like to come to Friday 29th May at Dudley castle.
Many thanks,

Sarah and Wayne - Coalhouse Fort 


What an amazing night I had at Margam Castle, so well run by the mediums we had, they really made the night go well, very professionally run and they made us all feel so welcomed, I will definitely be back again and recommend you to all my friends, thanks again
Matthew – Margam Castle Ghost Hunt

We attended a ghost hunt night at the Galleries of Justice in Nottingham.
Well organised event and friendly you made us feel very welcome.
Thanks for the experience.

Steve Watts - The Galleries of Justice

Hi all,
My friends and I came to the Galleries of Justice event hosted by you and were so spooked after what happened in those caves that we all slept with the light on all night!
Hopefully we will be braver next time and are already looking at other events to book with you.
See you again soon,

Becky and crew - The Galleries of Justice

Hi all,

I just wanted to say thanks for a fantastic night on Saturday.
My friend Karen and I had a great night at the Winter Gardens and will be booking another night with you guys.
We have previously done a fright night at the winter gardens with a different company, we definitely didn’t get anywhere near as much enjoyment from it, as we did from your events.

Thanks again for a great night

Jenny - Morecambe Winter Gardens

Hi Jessica,
Just wanted to say what a fantastic night we had at the winter gardens in Morecambe
We experienced a lot of things and we had a very scary experience in the cellar whilst doing a vigil on our own, where we heard a very loud growl as we were leaving, which scared us both. We also had other experiences on the vigils. My friend also noticed what can only be described as a large dusty paw print on her jeans after doing the big vigil in the cellar, which was after own solo one. That paw print was definitely not there before. She will be emailing a photo to you of this.
An excellent location which we would definitely visit again.
Thank you again.

Lynne and Lisa - Morecambe Winter Gardens

Hi, just a little feedback from last Saturday for 35 Stonegate york.
I would like to thank you for a great night and you very warm hospitality.
I felt the night was very well put together and well worth the cost.
I will have no hesitations in recommending you to anyone how asks me how or where to ghost hunt.
I'm sure I will see you on more hunts in the future and look forward to that.

Kind regards & best wishes

Gary - The Haunted House of York 35 Stonegate


Hi there, well firstly I'd like to say what a great night we all had. Thank you all for a really enjoyable night.

Many thanks.

M. Coleman – Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire

I came to Woodchester Mansion and just wanted to say what a great night I had. I have been there before with another company and have to say that I enjoyed your investigation a lot more.
I experienced more and also felt a lot more confident in having a go. I have now convinced my very sceptic husband to come along too so will hopefully be joining you at Woodchester Mansion again.

K. Howard - Woodchester Mansion Gloucestershire

Hi, thanks for Saturday night, we all really enjoyed it.
N. Barton - Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre Morecambe


Hi, have just been to Woodchester Mansion for the Friday the 13th investigation.
Had a wonderful eye opening experience. It was our first try at this and we will be back. Woodchester itself is a very eerie building, but advise everyone to try it. Noises, smells, all manner of things, very, very interesting.
Big thanks to Jo and Joanne and Lee, great hosts.

J Crawford - Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt 

Hi there Nathan and Jess,
Hope you are both well, we just wanted to write a few lines to say what a absolutely fantastic night we had at 35 stonegate york, this being, both of our first ever ghost hunt and we were both a little apprehensive as to what to expect, but after arriving at the venue a little late we were welcomed in with a warm smile and a very encouraging introduction to all involved, after explaining that I was slightly sceptical you told me that you were going to change my mind and true to your word the evening didn't disappoint I’ve been trying for days to work out what happened but I cannot explain what I experienced, the two mediums were only too happy to answer any questions and were really friendly, so from both of us a very big thank you for an unforgettable first investigation and we will be seeing you again.
Thank you
Kevin & Sarah - The Haunted House of York 35 Stonegate Ghost Hunt 


Hi Guys,
I would just like to say a big thank you to all of you that was at RAF Homlpton this was a great night which me and my party enjoyed very much especially the table tipping. We shall be booking more night’s hope to see you again.
Once again thank you, Wayne & Friends.
W. Bottomley - RAF Holmpton Ghost Hunt


just wanted to thank your team for a brilliant night at Woodchester Mansion on the 13th March, all of us really enjoyed it. I would like to thank the chap (I think his name was Lee?) who looked after me after a couple of dodgy moments and made sure I was ok. Excellent experience and very well organised, we hope to book again in the future.

Helen - Woodchester Mansion - Ghost Hunt

Hi there guys,
Just a quick email to see what a fantastic time we had with you at Morecambe Winter Gardens on Saturday night.
It far outweighed my expectations and we are already thinking of our next location.  Wherever it is, one thing is for sure, we will be going with Dusk Till Dawn.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Jo for looking after me so well and keeping me safe from the evil woman in the basement.
I recommend this location to anyone.
Stones thrown, weird smells, being touched, dark shadows, white and red lights, truly terrified.
My husband was a bit of a sceptic but I guess you sorted him out.
Thanks again guys and we will see you all later in the year.
Tabitha, Trevor, Steven and Laura – Morecambe Winter Gardens Theatre

Hi All
My friend and I went to the Morecambe Winter Gardens theatre. Wow what a night. The range of activity was amazing, from strange odours to poltergeist activity, shadows and audible phenomenon. We are looking forward to returning there again, and have already booked to go to the Woodchester Mansion in September. We would highly recommend Dusk Till Dawn Events to anyone for value for money and nights full of wonderful eerie memories. Many thanks to Joanne and Jo for taking care of us so well.
Tracy - Morecambe Winter Gardens 


My Friend and I came to the Creepy Cauldron and had such a fab time.
Many thanks,
K. Vincent - 21 Henley Street, Stratford 


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