Why are ghost hunts so popular?

Why are ghost hunts so popular? 

People just cannot get enough of attending ghost hunts. We can all remember some 10 years plus; the excitement of a live ghost hunt being bought onto our TV screens on a Friday night. This was really the breakthrough for the once taboo subject of talking to the dead being openly spoken of and suddenly the masses wanted to start investigating the paranormal for themselves.

What can be more exciting than walking into a dimly lit property that has a history of hauntings with just a torch for company!

Let’s be honest we all want to know if we live on past our departure from this earth and we are fascinated that we may catch an apparition on camera or a ghostly conversation on a voice recorder, aren’t we?

People are addicted to being absolutely terrified at these creepy locations, of which we do oblige most weekends, taking our excited guests to places where paranormal activity has been reported.

It is quite a rarity to see a ghost or spirit, but this does not deter people from wanting to attend, we explain on our welcome talk that if you do manage to see an entity it is something that you will never ever forget, each experience is personal and different for everyone who has ever had a genuine paranormal occurrence take place.

It is hard to describe the feeling of seeing something unexplained such as a figure, or an item move by itself, the team have seen some strange things over the years, such as the figure of a man at the National Justice Museum in Nottingham, items have been thrown and voices have been captured many times during our investigations also.

There really are too many unexplained instances to speak of, although one of the strangest was at an old underground train station where the team and 3 guests all saw the figure of a youngish man stood leaning with his arms and leg folded, up against the wall, he was wearing modern day clothing, denim jeans and a blue hoody top, so remember it’s not always old-fashioned clothing as you would expect, in fact he was very modern dressed and sadly within seconds he had vanished from view.

Ghost hunting equipment is a huge part of the ghost hunting experience, many guests even bring their own along pieces of advanced tech which they use on any free time given and many like to take part in a Ouija Board vigil, if permitted by the venue of course.

Having said that some people are extremely nervous to use the board, however it is not surprising with the hype that Hollywood movies have created, the Exorcist being a fine example of creating the fear factor on that score.

Rest assured if you are a regular ghost hunter or a novice our nights are totally catered to give you the best possible investigation that we can offer, with a very professional and enthusiastic team to help make your evening one to remember, we are sure you will be in a hurry to join us time and time again!

Should you wish to attend a haunted night of ghostly investigations with us, then please take a look at our available public ghost hunting pages, happy hauntings!

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